MP3 Rocket

Free program for extracting audio from video and converting to MP3

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MP3-Rocket is a popular P2P network that is completely compatible with the Gnutella and Bit-Torrent networks. Like popular P2P programs in the past, users gain access to the music, movie and video libraries of other users. M-3-Rocket distinguishes itself from past and current programs by offering conversion tools that let users manipulate HD videos into more compatible formats. What this means is that users can enter URLs for video conversion and watch popular videos from common websites.

Download speeds have been a concern for the MP3-Rocket program in the past. The current version addresses this issue with the DASH tool, but some users still report that download speeds are a problem at certain times of day. Comparisons have been made between Mp3-Rocket and P2P giant of the past LimeWire. The interface is almost identical, so past LimeWire users won't have any problem jumping right into the meat of this program.

This is a tab-based program, so the organization is pleasing and simple. You'll be able to search for music, videos and movies easily. You might not want to stick around to watch the videos on Mp3-Rocket, though. Users have repeatedly pointed out that the audio and video player configured with the Mp3-Rocket program is sub-par and sometimes even of poor quality. You'll find plenty of files to watch, but go elsewhere to watch them.

This is a simple, run-of-the-mill P2P program that does nothing to shake up the blueprint of past networks. It follows the simplicity of the interface successfully and offers large collections of users, but there's nothing fancy going on here. For users that demand more, this might not be the right program.


- Easy organization thanks to the tabbed-interface

- Content is widely available, so there is plenty of entertainment to choose from

- Dress up your Mp3-Rocket with skins whenever you need a change of pace


- Originality is not a strength here. This is your typical P2P program with an interface identical to other popular P2P networks in the past

- Crashes happen more frequently than they should

- Poor audio and video player quality makes it difficult to stick around to enjoy the entertainment you've downloaded

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