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Use the free software to access media, download music and videos and create video ringtones

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MP3 Rocket
MP3 Rocket 6.4.8

MP3 Rocket is a peer-to-peer network focused on music, videos, and films. Through the program, users can download or stream content at the touch of a button. A diverse library of P2P content keeps a large community engaged with the program. Many users will be reminded of FrostWire and LimeWire while using this particular network. Fortunately, MP3 Rocket doesn't seem likely to disappear anytime soon. Fleshed out features, a decent design, and loads of content make this one worth considering.

What Does MP3 Rocket Offer To Users?

After starting the program, users will find a well-design program with a tab-based interface. Tabs are available for each media type, so users always know what kind of media they're dealing with at that moment. A search engine is included to help users locate content within the peer-to-peer network. Millions of audio and video files are available to download or stream, so users won't run out of potential options.

MP3 Rocket allows users to either stream or download content, depending upon their preferences. With this peer-to-peer network , users can even upload their own content to share with others. Popular files feature strong download speeds as previous downloaders can contribute bandwidth. The program includes a handful of customization features like skins as well, so users can tweak the program to their preferences.

A video and audio player is included with MP3 Rocket. Native players in programs help users consume content without having to use a secondary program. Thanks to a simple user interface, users will fall in love with what the program offers. Navigating through settings menus and other areas of the program couldn't be easier, either. A Pro version is available that unlocks higher quality streams and downloads.

A Quick Look At The Negatives

Speaking of the Pro version, it's a shame MP3 Rocket hides better quality content behind a paywall. All other core features of the program are included in the free version after all. Plus, MP3 Rocket's own suggestions for downloads often include sites or networks that require payment for download, which is a hassle. The native audio and video player in the program is somewhat useless, so users may prefer a better solution.

Should You Download MP3 Rocket?

If you're looking for free content on a peer-to-peer network, then MP3 Rocket is an excellent solution. The program doesn't cost money and includes a number of useful features. However, not all users will enjoy the program's sluggish performance at times or the random crashes known to occur. Stability could be better with MP3 Rocket, and a couple of other downsides hinder the overall experience. We're still talking about an excellent program that gets the job done, though.


  • Vast library of songs, videos, and movies.
  • Simple tabbed navigation is a nice design feature.
  • Download or stream content without a hassle.


  • Best features hidden behind Pro (paid) version.
  • Program suffers from stability issues on occasion.
  • Native audio and video player is barely usable.

MP3-Rocket is a popular P2P network that is completely compatible with the Gnutella and Bit-Torrent networks. Like popular P2P programs in the past, users gain access to the music, movie and video libraries of other users. M-3-Rocket distinguishes itself from past and current programs by offering conversion tools that let users manipulate HD videos into more compatible formats. What this means is that users can enter URLs for video conversion and watch popular videos from common websites.

Download speeds have been a concern for the MP3-Rocket program in the past. The current version addresses this issue with the DASH tool, but some users still report that download speeds are a problem at certain times of day. Comparisons have been made between Mp3-Rocket and P2P giant of the past LimeWire. The interface is almost identical, so past LimeWire users won't have any problem jumping right into the meat of this program.

This is a tab-based program, so the organization is pleasing and simple. You'll be able to search for music, videos and movies easily. You might not want to stick around to watch the videos on Mp3-Rocket, though. Users have repeatedly pointed out that the audio and video player configured with the Mp3-Rocket program is sub-par and sometimes even of poor quality. You'll find plenty of files to watch, but go elsewhere to watch them.

This is a simple, run-of-the-mill P2P program that does nothing to shake up the blueprint of past networks. It follows the simplicity of the interface successfully and offers large collections of users, but there's nothing fancy going on here. For users that demand more, this might not be the right program.


- Easy organization thanks to the tabbed-interface

- Content is widely available, so there is plenty of entertainment to choose from

- Dress up your Mp3-Rocket with skins whenever you need a change of pace


- Originality is not a strength here. This is your typical P2P program with an interface identical to other popular P2P networks in the past

- Crashes happen more frequently than they should

- Poor audio and video player quality makes it difficult to stick around to enjoy the entertainment you've downloaded

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